Paintbuddy&Co: Everything You Know about it

Paintbuddy is a chargeless online apparatus that allows users to actualize and allotment online artworks. The program’s automatic interface makes it accessible for anyone to actualize admirable artwork, whether you are a abecedarian or an accomplished artist. Paintbuddy additionally allows you to allotment your creations with added Paintbuddies, or bang actuality with the accepted public.

Paintbuddy is a new app that lets you blush in photos with your friends

Paintbuddy is a new app that lets you blush in photos with your friends. The app is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms, and it’s chargeless to download. You can use it to blush in photos of yourself, your friends, or any added objects. Paintbuddy additionally has a congenital editor that lets you adapt the colors of the photos afore you blush them in.

How Paintbuddy works

Paintbuddy is a new app that helps painters get added out of their painting. Instead of consistently affective the besom around, Paintbuddy lets users ascendancy the acrylic by artlessly cartoon with their finger. This makes it accessible to actualize apple-pie curve and curves, and it’s abundant for abundant work.

There are two altered modes: freehand and guided. In freehand mode, you draw after advice from the app; in guided mode, the app provides advice forth the way. You can additionally about-face amid modes at any time.

Paintbuddy is a abundant apparatus for beginners, but it’s additionally advantageous for accomplished painters who appetite to booty their painting to a new level. It’s accordant with best acrylic brands and takes aloof a few account to set up.

The best appearance of Paintbuddy

Paintbuddy is a abundant app for artists of all levels. It has a advanced array of accoutrement and appearance that can accomplish your painting action abundant easier. Actuality are some of the best appearance of Paintbuddy:

1. The besom admeasurement and appearance accoutrement are actual convenient and acquiesce you to actualize abundant paintings quickly.

2. The band arrangement is absolute for assorted purposes, such as abacus blush or concealment to your artwork.

3. The acceptation affection allows you to calmly add paintings from added sources, such as images or photos.

4. The consign affection allows you to calmly allotment your artwork with others via email or amusing media.

Some tips for application Paintbuddy

Whether you’re a abecedarian or an accomplished painter, there are some simple tips to advice booty your painting to the abutting akin with Paintbuddy.

1. Assignment from a high-resolution angel or photo as a reference. Paintbuddy&CO will adapt your acclamation added accurately this way.

2. Use ample brushes for ample acclamation and baby brushes for abundant work. This will advice you accomplish altered furnishings with ease.

3. Agreement with blush and hue to get artistic with your painting. With Paintbuddy’s accessible interface, you can agreement after any accident of ruining your work!


Painting isn’t consistently accessible – but with Paintbuddy, it’s a accomplished lot easier. This online apparatus allows you to actualize and allotment painting projects with added users, and alike let’s you advertise your paintings online. With Paintbuddy, there is no charge to be a able artisan – aloof upload your images and alpha painting!

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